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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. -- While Shannon Roberts was watching a recent OU game, a team of thieves was stealing a company vehicle from their Logan County driveway. 

The Roberts' eventually got it back but not in the same condition. 

Roberts said, "The airbags were deployed, tires flat, front and rear end damage. It was involved in a high-speed chase. Three suspects got away."

Authorities said the same suspects may be responsible for several auto thefts and burglaries in recent weeks.    

And the Logan County Sheriff's Department has a new high-tech tool to catch crooks in the act.

Deputies are planting a "bait car" in high crime areas.

If someone tried to steal the vehicle, authorities are notified and can track the car with GPS.

Law enforcers give the crooks just enough time to get away.

Then they hit a remote switch, the car shuts down and the suspects are trapped. 

Logan County deputies secretly set the trap Friday in southeast Logan County. 

Within hours, two juveniles had taken the bait.

Logan County Sheriff's Spokesman Rob Groseclose said, "The three deputies on scene Saturday, when they pushed the button to stop the car, they were tickled. They grinned and laughed because there was nowhere for them to go and nothing they could do."

Since the crime spree began, residents have responded with neighborhood watch programs and the installation of motion detectors around their property.

They are grateful for this added protection from Logan County.

Roberts said, "In 24 hours they snagged two people. That's awesome. I'm glad they are doing something. It makes us feel much safer."

Criminals be warned; authorities said there's no telling where or when the mystery bait car will turn up next.