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Lines stretch for iPhone 5

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- People across the U.S. and Oklahoma lined up in the hundreds to get the new iPhone 5 Friday morning.

August Brown said she waited more than right hours in a line wrapped around an AT&T store.

"It's my first time ever doing this," Brown said. "It's pretty much for the experience."

Standing with smart phones in hand, it's an experience AT&T Sales Director Ryan Stafford said other Apple fans have made a tradition.

"Ever since the first one came out," Stafford said. "It's the very first touch screen phone we ever had and it really started the revolution of smart phones. It's developed such a huge following."

This year, Stafford said lines are longer and the iPhone has sold in record numbers.

The reason they're after this new phone, its features.

Compared to the last iPhone, the new on is faster.

Apple said it's 15 percent thinner, the screen is half an inch longer and it's 20 percent lighter than the old iPhone.

The iPhone 5 can cost more than $200.

So these lines mean a boost in business for the Owner of CDR, Matt Carby, who buys and sells used iPhones.

"Every time a new electronic is released I get excited," Carby said.

One after the other, customers turned in their old phones.

"They can get their upgrade at AT&T, most people are paying $199 for it, and we offer $250 for iPhone 4s and $200 for iPhone 4," Carby said. "So it gives them the opportunity to get the iPhone 5 for free."

Walking away with the iPhone five is worth the price to Brown.

"It's going to feel pretty good," Brown said.