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Accused teacher spotted on high school campus in Bethel Acres

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BETHEL ACRES, Okla. -- Just weeks after her arrest on charges of having sex with a 16-year-old student, parents in Bethel Acres said former teacher Wendy Hickman has returned to campus.

KFOR stopped by her listed address in Shawnee.

A man answered the door.

"Not here," he said. "No comment."

KFOR also contacted Bethel Acres school Superintendent Jerry Johnson.

"The person in question here has two children in the school system and we are bound by law not to infringe on her consitutional rights," Johnson said.

Johnson also pointed out that Hickman has not been convicted.

Hickman resigned from her post as a teacher just before she was charged.

"We're bound by law to allow her the same rights, just as another parent," Johnson said.