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Husband of murdered mother arrested

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Teddy Mitchell and his sons, Dryden and Nick Mitchell, were arrested by the FBI in connection to an illegal gambling investigation, according to attorney Scott Adams.

All three were taken into custody Friday afternoon.

Attorney Billy Bock, who represents Dryden Mitchell, said the federal indictment is sealed so he doesn’t know the exact charges but he has a pretty good idea what this is all about.

"We're not trying to act like we are crazy," Bock said. "We know what the general allegations are; it centers around some sort of illegal gambling allegations. We just don't know any of the specifics of what they have charged him with."

Attorney Scott Adams, who represents Teddy Mitchell, said the arrests have nothing to do with the murder of Julie Mitchell.

In Nov. 2010, Teddy Mitchell’s wife, Julie, was beaten to death inside their home in north Oklahoma City.

Police have not made any arrests in connection to her murder.

"All I can assure everyone is that it has nothing to do with the murder," Adams said. "It's obviously some other allegations that we have heard in the press recently."

The indictment will be unsealed when the suspects make their initial appearance in court.

Bock confirmed that one of Teddy Mitchell’s friends, David Loveland, was also taken into custody.

All four men were booked into the Grady County Jail.

The hearing is scheduled for 3 p.m. Monday.