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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. -- Police made three arrests at a million dollar home in Nichols Hills this week.

The 1100 block of Hemstead in Nichols Hills is lined with pristine properties.

The home where police made the arrests is listed on the real estate market for $995,000 right now.

It is not at all where you would expect to find a suspected meth and prostitution operation.

"There was a lot of traffic coming and going from the house. It's very nice, even by Nichols Hills standards," Police Chief Richard Mask said. "The majority of people stopped coming and going from that residence had records for drug arrests, prostitution, that type of crime."

Nichols Hills Police have been watching the house for weeks.

Last week, they obtained a search warrant.

Assisted by the Oklahoma City Police K9 unit, detectives uncovered meth and a variety of other drugs and drug paraphernalia inside.

"Quite a bit of drug paraphernalia, pharmaceuticals, a lot of prescription drugs. It was a vast quantity," Mask said. "I'm sure people in Nichols Hills would be shocked by this."

Police arrested the homeowner, 59-year-old William Allen Smith, for having meth and paraphernalia and weapons charges.

Police also arrested 45-year-old Pamela Morgaridge and 44-year-old David Surber who drove up to the house in Smith's Mercedes during the search.

William Allen Smith wasn't home when we went to the house but we spoke with a woman who lives there.

She tells us Smith is innocent of the allegations and that the drugs actually belonged to some tenants who lived in the home.

The tenants, she said, have been evicted.

Smith has bonded out of jail.