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In Your Corner Update: Body shop hold up

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team has an update involving complaints against a local body shop. 

The owner of that shop, Danny Norment, is accused of holding Linsey Sander’s hail dinged car hostage for almost three months now.

“I just want my car back, my money back and I want to go to somebody reliable,” Linsey said.

It’s also alleged Norment pocketed Linsey’s insurance money, then drove her car to another metro body shop for repairs, where it's been sitting ever since. 

We asked the body shop owner why he subcontracted out the job without notifying Linsey first.

“I should have. I did not do that,” Norment resonded. “So that was my fault. That was a couple things I made mistakes on.”

Norment however refused to own up to other stuff, like knowing who put a bullet hole in the side of Linsey's car.

It’s also alleged the body shop owner loaned out her wheels to another customer without permission.  

“I looked at it and that didn`t look like a bullet hole,” Norment said. “No, the car never left [my shop] to be driven by nobody.”

Remember, Norment has Linsey's insurance money, but not her wheels.

Another body shop has them, which is where we met Linsey Tuesday.  

We found the car still incomplete and missing several parts, including a headlight. We also stumbled across a strange fast food receipt in the glove box.

And then there’s the odometer reading. Since Norment’s had the car, the odometer reading has jumped nearly 450 miles.

“Someone had been using my car,” Linsey said.

So we had Linsey drive her car to G.W. & Son Auto Body Shop where owner Gary Wano was waiting with a sweet offer, free repairs.

“You reap what you sew,” Wano said. “We feel that's been part of our success story, where we have been able to give back to the community, back to the consumer.”

Linsey, a single mother,  says “I can’t say thank you enough for what you're going to do for me.

We'll keep you posted on Linsey's car.

In the meantime Norment is still refusing to refund Linsey her money.

He's financially drowning, facing an eviction, civil lawsuits and a felony charge for writing a hot check.