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Students return to class after teen shooting

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- A day after 13-year-old Cade Poulos committed suicide inside Stillwater Junior High School, students returned Thursday.

Car after car, parents dropped off their children at school.

Some, like Christy Benton, worry it's a fast move.

"I know that they need to just get back in the saddle and go but I think another day at least out would have been best for them," Benton said.

"I'm just nervous to drop her off," parent Hazel Caldwell said.

There are students who said they too felt nervous and hugged one another in support before going to class.

Students wonder what drove their 13-year-old classmate to the point of taking his life suggesting bullying as a reason.

"We need to be stronger about bullying, that it's not right," student Paige Benton said.

Stillwater Superintendent Ann Caine said there's no record of anything reported at school; parents are also looking for answers.

"It could have been my kid," Christy Benton said. "It could have been anybody's kids."

Benton's daughter said she wants to start a petition to install metal detectors at the school in order to prevent other tragedies.

Meanwhile, sending off their children for what they hope to be an ordinary day, Benton hopes her child opens up to school counselors.

"It's going to be in her life from now on," the mother said. "She'll never forget what happened."

She said the loss of a teen will stay with the community as well.

The investigation continues into what may have led Poulos to take his own life.

The District said counselors will be available for the children as long as they need it.

A fund has now been set up for the family of Poulos.

Donations can be made to Stillwater National Bank.

Stillwater National Bank
308 S. Main
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 372-2234