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More polygraph tests for sex offenders?

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Sex offenders from around the state received letters form the Department of Corrections (DOC) stating they will have to take a polygraph test every six months and pay for it out of their own pocket.

An attorney representing multiple offender said it's just a way to get quick cash out of this "type" of criminal.

"We're going to file with the court to stop them from doing it. If it's not part of the courts' order, they can't ask for it," attorney David Slane said. "Even if they fail the test, you can't use it in court anyway. What are they doing? It seems to me this is another runaway train from DOC and they want to make everybody feel good and in reality, the courts have already said you can't admit this."

Officials said the test will include questions like, "Have you been around small children? Have you looked at pornography?"

Even questions about masturbatory habits could be included in the line up.

"Every six months they're always adding another kind of fine or something to intimidate you," sex offender Brad Crawford said.

He's on the sex offender registry for a peeping incident at a tanning salon.

He was caught looking at a woman who turned out to be under age.

He says rules like these aren't necessary for offenders in his shoes.

"The next thing they're going to tell you is to jump through a hoop of fire or run down the street back and forth two miles," Crawford said.

He said he called to see how much the test would cost.

Crawford said he was told between $225 and $300 for each session which would add up to about $600 per year and with nearly 8,000 violators on the Oklahoma registry that could add up to millions back to the state.

We contacted the Department of Corrections.

They didn't want to comment on camera but a spokesperson told us requiring these tests is nothing new.

They pointed out a statute that states offenders must comply with rules established by the Department of Corrections, part of treatment shall include polygraph examinations.