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Police investigate double shooting after man found in ditch

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EL RENO, Okla. -- Authorities in El Reno are investigating a bizarre double shooting. 

It all came to light when a woman driving down a country road noticed an upside-down truck in a ditch and inside, found a man who was bleeding.

He had been there so long and was bleeding so badly he had to be airlifted to the hospital.

Broke pieces of glass are still scattered across the porch much like evidence stretches across the rural Canadian County road where investigators said a shooting happened.

Police said two men were inside a house when one by the name of Leonard Keller allegedly shot another man, 25-year-old Trent Epperson.

"We understand he had been at this house the night before and left about 9 o'clock, and that's about the time the shooting happened," Canadian County Capt. Kevin Ward said.

Authorities said with two gunshot wounds, Epperson got into his truck and drove down the road before rolling his vehicle and landing in a ditch.

He was bleeding from his injuries and trapped until the next morning.

"He had obviously lost some blood and we think that contributed to him finally wrecking his car," Ward said.

Early the next morning a passerby saw Epperson's truck and called police.

Epperson was air-lifted to the hospital and was somehow able to tell detectives bits and pieces of what happened which led police back to the house.

Once there they said Keller would not answer the door.

They got a search warrant and threw a phone through a broken window in an attempt to communicate with Keller.

That's when detectives heard a gunshot.

When they went inside, Keller was the only one there.

"There was a gunshot that went off," Ward said. "There was an individual that had been shot once."

Police are not sure how the two men know each other or why one shot the other.

Both men are in the hospital.

News Channel 4 talked with Epperson's grandmother who said the two men were friends and that Epperson reportedly does not know why he was shot.