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Suspect fights family ties to keep attorney

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A suspect facing federal charges in a high stakes gambling operation is fighting to keep his attorney.

Teddy Mitchell and others were recently indicted by a federal grand jury.

Mitchell is the husband of Julie Mitchell who was found beaten to death in the couple's home in 2009.

Her murder is still unsolved.

Judge David Russell ruled that Mitchell could keep his attorney, Scott Adams, even though his father is a witness for the prosecution and may testify that Mitchell is a bookie.

That could pose several problems during and after the trial.

Two main concerns were addressed.

The first is Adams not being able to adequately cross-examine his father which could potentially hurt his client.

Before the hearing Mitchell met with independent counsel advising him of his rights.

Mitchell signed a waiver noting he understood the potential consequence.

The second concern is how the father-son relationship could appear to a jury.

Adams argued under the Sixth Amendment, a person has the right to choose their own legal counsel regardless of the quality.

The judge ultimately ruled in favor of the defense.

Mitchell's attorney pleaded with the judge to allow him to speak to his two sons and business partners.

The judge ruled Mitchell could not speak with his two sons because they are co-defendants.

But, he was allowed to talk to his business partners to handle his affairs.