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US Dept. of Edu. investigating Douglass High

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Cries of misconduct at Douglass High School began last summer and now the US Department of Education is listening.

Authorities are reviewing a complaint filed by former administrators, teachers and students.

A 19-year-old student speaking under the agreement of anonymity, is a  2011 graduate of Douglass High and alleges in an affidavit that her math grades were switched on her transcript.

“He changed my algebra grade,” she said. “It was an F and it was changed to a C.  Why? To make himself look better, I guess. He didn’t want Douglass to look like students weren’t learning so he changed a lot of grades to Cs. Not As or Bs but passing.”

The man at the center of the investigation is the school principal, Dr. Brian Staples.

In the affidavit, one former teacher states he “was instructed by Dr. Staples to pass all students no matter what.”

Another administrator claims, “Dr. Staples used his position to retaliate against those who spoke up about the grade changing and forged attendance records.”

But the biggest crime may be against the students who many believe have been deprived a quality education.