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OKLAHOMA CITY — The family of Robin Howard continued their crusade with another protest in front of the Oklahoma City police department Sunday afternoon.

They said it’s something they’ll continue to do until they find out more about the last days of the 54-year-old man’s life.

“It makes us feel very sad,” Howard’s sister, Kimberly Turner, said. “I mean, we’re sad and we feel like there really is no justice and it’s like the police are above the law.”

Howard died back in June.

He led police on a brief car chase, crashed his car and struggled with officers before he was taken into custody.

Instead of going to jail, police took him to the hospital to be checked out.

He died there four days later.

His family members weren’t notified until several days after his death.

“We love him and we miss him and I guess and it’s still hard for us because we weren’t able to be there for him,” Turner said.

The medical examiner ruled Howard’s death a homicide.

Documents show he died from acute pneumonia brought on by blunt force trauma to the chest.

“Why can they get away with this kind of, you know, with beating people to death,” Turner said. “Why do you get to get away with that?”

The police investigation into exactly what happened has been in the hands of the district attorney for about six weeks now.

The two officers who had hands-on involvement in the arrest remain on administrative leave.

“We keep protesting,” Turner said. “We keep speaking about it because we’re not stopping until we get some truth and some justice.”

Howard’s family said they are hoping the final decision involves charging someone for his death.

They also said two key pieces were left out of the medical examiner’s report; the diagram of the body showing exactly where the injuries were and the summary.

Turner said they were informed they would have to go through the attorney general to get that information.