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String of robberies ends with teacher shot

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A series of armed robberies ended with a man shot on the city's south side Monday morning.

Oklahoma City Police said two black females and one black male robbed three people at gunpoint near the 6300 block of S. Robinson Ave. just after 7 a.m.

High school teacher Cameron Lewis was one of the victims.

"I just got finished scraping the ice off my windows and was about to go to work and a car pulled up kind of behind my car," Lewis said. "Three people got out and a guy stuck a gun in my face and said 'Give me your wallet.'"

Lewis did as he was told but after the robbers drove down the street, one opened a car door, leaned out and shot at Lewis.

The bullet only grazed his hip.

OKC Police Sergeant Gary Knight said the robbers sought out victims who were already outside.

"All three of the robberies took place as the victims were coming out of their homes," Sgt. Knight said. "Females were coming out of their residences just to get into their cars. The man was robbed of his wallet the two females were robbed of purses."

Lewis said he has lived in the neighborhood for 45 years and something like this won't scare him off.

"I'm p***ed off they shot me but no, I'm not scared to live here, no," Lewis said.

Police have not shared any leads but are investigating the robberies.