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Residents concerned neighborhood could be rezoned

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Dianne McDaniel has lived in her Northeast Oklahoma City neighborhood for more than 20 years.

She loves her home and her neighbors but said things are changing.

Construction near N.E. 8th St. and Lincoln, just west of her home, is a sign of expansion involving the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation.

McDaniel said, "They're building a cancer research facility for children."

While she supports the expansion in part, she doesn't support how it will impact her neighborhood.

McDaniel said, "They told us we can stay in the neighborhood; we can live in the neighborhood but we can't build any new structure."

She says the rezoning would impact 84 families living in the area.

They have had one meeting with officials representing the foundation but they want to know more.

They're asking for an impact statement on how the neighborhood will be affected.
McDaniel said, "To change it from a residential to a commercial will lower the property value and it will stop being a community."

She said if the foundation is going to expand around the neighborhood, why not just take over the whole area?

McDaniel said, "If they want to continue to expand, buy us out, help us relocate."

We spoke with the city.

A spokesperson said the rezoning is ultimately up to the planning commission and a vote has not been made.

In fact, the planning commission wants residents and the foundation to come to a mutual understanding before a vote happens.

We have tried to reach someone with the Oklahoma Health Center Foundation but so far they have not given us a comment.

The planning commission vote was rescheduled for Thursday.

Officials with the city said there is a good chance that vote will be delayed until November to give the health center foundation and the neighbors more time to work out their differences.