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Hugs Project needs volunteers, beef jerky

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Each year The Hugs Project sends out hundreds of gift boxes to our troops serving overseas.

With Christmas about two months away, they are gearing up for one of their biggest shipping times of the year and they need your help to fill those boxes.

Thursday about 60 Oklahoma 4H students showed up at The Hugs Project office to help fill boxes.

Students also were making small gifts for soldiers serving overseas.

Kaylee Young, who served as a spokesperson for The Hugs Project, said, "You're basically showing kids haven't forgot about our soldiers and they still care about them."

Students spent Thursday morning working with The Hugs Project wrapping up food, hygiene items along with mugs and even hats.

Some groups stuffed stockings while others made hand-painted flag ornaments.

Volunteer Eryn Smith said, "I think it's a good project for all of us to do."

Kaylee Young said, "We're just sending love in a box."

Trey Merritt helped pack the boxes up.

He knows at least one soldier and said he's heard personally how much a gift like this can mean when they are so far from the comforts of home.

Trey said, "They don't get over half of what you think they can get."

It's a service project these teens are excited to be a part of.

Young said, "You're not only helping people in our country but you're helping halfway across the world."

The Hugs Project does accept donations.

One of their biggest needs right now is beef jerky.

They are also accepting names and addresses of soldiers who are serving overseas so they can send them a care package.

They encourage you to bring those soldier names and addresses to their office inside the lower level of Crossroads Mall.

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