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Three men and a baby wanted in crime spree

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EDMOND, Okla. -- It all began with a $43 purchase at the Edmond PetCo in Bryant Square.

The customer accidentally left his credit card behind and it unfortunately fell into the wrong hands. 

Police said a family of thieves went on a wild, three-hour shopping bonanza before the victim realized his card was missing.

Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Monroe said, "They'll make a smaller purchase just to make sure it goes through and then they go nuts as long as they possibly can."

The illegal shopping spree began at the China King. 

The thieves purchased $20.55 of Chinese food and it didn't stop there. 

There was a $79.85 charge for gas at an Edmond 7-Eleven, $521.13 was spent on car parts at Auto Zone and the stolen card was swiped twice at the Del City Walmart, totaling $1,668.03.

Investigators were able to trace the precise time and location of the purchases and pull up video from several Walmart security cameras. 

Monroe said, "That's where we have our surveillance from and I guess people forget they're being watched at all times."

Investigators would like to find and question the group, including a woman, three men and a baby.

Monroe told us, "Crooks sometimes bring their child along to make themselves less noticeable."

If police locate the suspects, they'll be charged with larceny and unauthorized use of a credit card.