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Police looking for leads in teen’s disappearance

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ARAPAHO, Okla.—Authorities are still searching for a missing Oklahoma teenager who might have been sold into human trafficking.

Originally, police thought 16-year-old Jaray Wilson ran away.

However, new information suggests she might be held against her will.

According to authorities, 37-year-old Gilberto Paz is a person of interest in the disappearance.

Officials at the Custer County Sheriff’s Office say they’re working very closely with the teen’s parents and friends.

Sheriff Bruce Peoples, with the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, said, “Some of the witnesses that were reluctant at first, as time has gone on, have realized this might be a lot more serious situation than what they first realized and now they are coming forward.”

Police are still looking for more leads as they try to find Jaray and bring her home.

If you have any information, call authorities immediately.