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Edmond PD gets high-tech with tickets

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EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond Police Sgt. Acey Hopper pulls over dozens of drivers every day. 

A routine traffic stop would typically take about 15 minutes but not anymore.

Edmond Traffic officers are replacing ticket pads with scanners, laptops and portable printers.

The driver's license is now scanned and computer software does the rest.

Sgt. Hopper said, "Just slide the license like a credit card, the software fills in all the information and you just print it off."

The new, high-tech mobile system is environmentally friendly and more efficient.

Only one paper copy is needed instead of three.

Hopper said, "Once you hit print, it'll go straight to the police department and court. Every car will eventually have one, hopefully."

This system can speed up everything from minor infractions to serious crash investigations by 50 percent or more.

Hopper told us, "Get the roads cleared quicker so it'll reduce the chance of a secondary collision. We'll be out on the roads much sooner."

In the month of September, Edmond police wrote 818 citations.

That number is expected to increase dramatically with this new technology.

Bottom line, if you're not breaking the law, you've got nothing to worry about.