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In Your Corner Team tracks down refund

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We have several complaints against a metro awning and sign business.

Customers said that company's owner, Kenny Castor, took their cash and bailed on the job.

After hail damaged Pat Knuppenburg's home, a friend recommended she hang new awning to protect her back doors from any future hail storms.

“I gave him a down payment of $1,250,” Pat said. “The work was to be done in four to six weeks.”

Almost three months later she still doesn’t have her awning and Castor won’t return her calls.  

Shawn Wildman can relate.

He said, “We were guaranteed five weeks to have it done.”

Wildman runs Steel Gym in Norman.

He says Castor not only took their money and awning frames, but he likely cost them a few new clients.

“Looking like we're closed, there's also somewhat of a loss of business there,” Wildman said. “People driving by that didn't come in you can't really put a price tag on that.”

We tracked down Castor at his Oklahoma City shop.

“We just dropped the ball,” he said. “[We] had the materials, had the frames here, just running behind and I don't blame them for not wanting to wait.”

Castor apologized for putting off Pat Knuppenburg's job.

“I'll get her deposit back to her,” he said. “[I’m] sorry for wasting her time so to speak.”

Castor met us at his bank, handed over a cashier's check and asked us to personally hand-deliver it to Pat, which we did.  

“I just can't believe you got it done so quickly,” Pat said.

Steel Gym's owner is suing Castor for his money, but both sides are working to resolve the matter outside of court.

Before entering into a business agreement:

  • Make sure to get everything in writing.
  • Avoid paying money up-front if you can.