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Semi-truck driver recovering after 4 car crash

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OKLAHOMA CITY—A massive accident involving four vehicles, including a semi-truck, has some drivers thankful they are alive.

Firefighters spent hours trying to extract the driver of that semi-truck, who is being hailed as a hero to one of the drivers she hit.

Debra Vargas said, “I actually thought that was the end of my time to be truthful. When I saw that big truck coming toward me, I thought that was it.”

However, Vargas says the woman who was driving an 18-wheeler near MacArthur Blvd. and NW 16th St. Sunday afternoon saved her life by swerving at the last second.

The truck still hit her vehicle but not in the way she had anticipated.

Vargas said, “It just bounced me around and I hurried up and got out because I could hear fuel spewing out.”

Batt. Chief Greg Lindsay, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department, said, “We had fuel leaking out on the ground underneath both of the vehicles that were in place over there.”

Fire crews say that was just one of the challenges they faced after the accident.

Authorities tell us it all started when a white vehicle pulled out of an apartment complex and collided with the semi-truck.

The truck flipped over, hit two other cars and wrapped around a tree before coming to rest.

We’re told the truck driver, 55-year-old Rhonda Anderson, was pinned against that tree for over two hours until crews could cut apart pieces of the cab and get her to safety.

Linda Kelly said, “Just hoping that she’ll be okay and just in shock, you know.”

Batt. Chief Lindsay said, “These guys worked really hard. They didn’t quit. They got in there, they got it done and she’s on her way to the hospital now.”

At last check, Anderson was in critical condition.

Officials say she had to undergo emergency surgery to have part of one leg amputated.