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Woman gets 10 years for killing Chihuahua

OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman found guilty of killing a Chihuahua will spend five years in jail, half of her 10-year sentence. 

A court decided 25-year-old Kammie Lindsey killed the dog in August, during a fight.

It happened at a home on 62nd St.

"A man and woman were inside arguing and the woman, at some point, picked up a small Chihuahua and slammed it to the ground," OKC Police Master Sgt.Gary Knight said.

Police also arrested Lindsey on a slew of charges, including prostitution and drug changes.

"Animal cruelty is serious and stuff and I don't believe in hurting dogs, but I don't know, it's kind a steep, 10 years," neighbor Susan said.

For the prostitution charge, Lindsey will serve 30 days in jail, and five years on the drug charge.

All charges will run concurrently.

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