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Man accused of beating girlfriend, telling Pit Bull to attack

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EDMOND, Okla. - Police said a woman was beaten for days by her accused boyfriend but matters got worse when police said he commanded his Pit Bull to attack her as she escaped from inside his home.

It happened on the 3600 block of Baird Ave in Edmond.

Police arrested 32-year-old Christopher Birchmier.

"He started abusing her on Saturday by punching her in the face and in the chest and she woke up Tuesday morning with him standing over and the beating continued," Edmond Police's Jenny Monroe said.

Investigators said as she made her escape to the front yard, Birchmier ordered his Pit Bull named 'Butter' to attack her. 

The dog viciously obeyed.

Police reports states the woman had "multiple facial lacerations, strangulation marks on her neck and bite wounds on her thigh and calf."

As the woman fought for her life, not only against the suspect who police said was constantly punching her in the face, but she also had to ward off his Pit Bull at the same time.

A driver saw the commotion and stopped to help.

Monroe said, "They heard the woman yelling for help and opened the door so she got away and went inside the passersby vehicle."

The driver called 911 and the woman was transported to the hospital.

"When we get dispatched to those types of calls, the injuries can be very minor to extremely severe and unfortunately death," he said.

EMSA Paramedic John Graham has seen his fair share of brutal dog attacks.

"There's major blood vessels and people can bleed to death if we don't respond and address that trauma immediately," he said. "Sometimes we see bites to the bone, there can be tearing type injuries that exposes organs. That happens mostly in the neck."

Police said the victim is expected to be recover.

Because the Pit Bull was ordered to attack the woman, animal control hasn't decided whether or not it will be euthanized.