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Del City police look for suspects in violent robberies

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DEL CITY, Okla. - Store surveillance video caught both of them on tape; a man and woman police said held up the Walgreens on 29th St. and the CVS on S.E. 44th St.

They robbed both stores within the last week and police said the two wanted drugs.

"The male subject in these robberies is simply saying 'opiates' over and over and demanding to know where these pills are at," Del City Police Capt. Jody Suit said.

Police said the man fired shots during the robbery each time but no one was hurt.

"It does concern us because it's very violent whenever they use a firearm to begin with and secondly, when they fire it into a crowded area," Suit said. "They don't show any fear at all of being identified or caught. They didn't wear masks so we are very surprised. It's not usual in this situation."

Police have now released a sketch of the male suspect and hope someone can identify him.

Meanwhile, other businesses in the area are on alert.

"We have cameras in every aspect of this store except the restrooms," Terry Short said, the manager of a store close to the CVS. "Everything is videoed. Audio and video," said 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Del City police department.