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Hefty heist; Suspected thieves smuggle electronics in fat rolls

PURCELL, Okla. – Walmart has a large selection of cameras, from about $40 to nearly $2,000.  

Purcell police said two mystery men had their eyes on the high-dollar digital cameras.  

Surveillance video captures the large men scanning the aisles and focusing on the locked cabinet for about 15 minutes.

They return to the empty photo department with a shopping cart and a backpack.

Purcell detective Scott Stephens said, “They get them in a backpack and take them to an area that is not observable by cameras. They take them out of the packages. They left the packages and went out of the store, through the checkout line. They did pay for some smaller items.”

Store security found those empty boxes shortly after the men left the store.

Investigators said they suspect the men used their girth to smuggle out thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise.  

Stephens said, “Both of the gentlemen were large so they apparently concealed the cameras somewhere on their bodies but because they were so large, it was hard to see how they did it.”

Police said the men had a key to the camera case and knew exactly where to stand to avoid those peering security cameras while tucking away the merchandise.  

Authorities want your help identifying the mystery men and hope security cameras eventually lead back to the stolen digital cameras.