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ACLU plans response to 10 Commandments monument

OKLAHOMA CITY – After state lawmakers erected a monument to the 10 Commandments at the State Capitol Thursday, the ACLU is planning a challenge.

“We think that legislators should spend their time governing the state of Oklahoma rather than concocting schemes that divide Oklahomans over their deeply held and personal beliefs,” Ryan Kiesel┬ásaid, with the state chapter of the ACLU.

Kiesel said the organization has opposed the monument since 2009, when a bill to place it at the Captiol was approved.

A private donation from state Rep. Mike Ritze paid for the monument.

The completed statue is also not without errors.

The words “sabbath” and “maidservant” are misspelled.

“It’s a simple oversight and it will be fixed quite easily is my understanding but the monument company said there’s no problem with fixing that,” Ritze said, a Broken Arrow native. “They are a reputable company that does monuments all over the country and the state.”