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OKLAHOMA CITY - A problem for those living in East Oklahoma City dozens of dogs being dumped and left to fend for themselves.

Residents said the problem is out of control and the dogs are suffering or dying.

An area near Hefner and Douglas is filled with abandoned dogs.

Animal advocates said when an owner leaves their dog it often waits in the same spot for weeks hoping the owner will come back.

"Its heartbreaking to see their little faces just wanting, longing to go home," neighbor Vanessa Cole said. "They get excited every time a car comes down the road."

Cole said many of the dogs are attacked and killed or hit by motorists.

She showed us a spot where two dogs were dropped off Friday night.

One was hit and 24 hours later her best friend won't leave her side.

Animal advocates said owners leave their dogs in rural area thinking its better than taking them to the pound.

Cole said it's the exact opposite.

"In reality they suffer and usually die a slow and painful death either by animal attacks from coyotes or bobcats or they get hit by cars," she said.

Eileen Lieberz has found her fair share of abandoned dogs too.

She found a Border Collie she calls "Little Lady" injured.

She took her home to nurse back to health. 

"She was roughed up by another wild animal," Lieberz said. "Her neck was torn up pretty bad and she had a hole in her palate. We got it fixed but we still need to find her a home."

Several people have tried to take that deceased dog to bury it but the other dog won't allow them.

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