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Attorney for chiropractor accused of soliciting sex speaks out

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OKLAHOMA CITY– After an Oklahoma City chiropractor is accused of making “indecent proposals” to clients, his attorney is talking about the alleged crime.

Police say the owner of the chiropractic clinic on NW 58th, Dr. Shandy Sells, offered to sell his chiropractic services to a female patient in exchange for sex.

Sells’ attorney is now speaking out, calling the case a set up.

He questions the victim’s motives and denies anything illegal took place.

“To me it’s just unacceptable,” said the victim.

With the help of the Oklahoma City Police’s Vice Department, the victim returned to the office this week and allegedly got Sells to repeat his offer in person and on tape.

According to court records, “During the meeting Sells… mentioned that payment could be made by her being prepared to have some fun… then grabbed the female client’s hair and kissed her on the lips.”

The victim said, “I asked him what he had in mind and he said, ‘I’m a man. It’s not rocket science’.”

Ed Blau, Sells’ attorney, said,”We think the allegations are completely false.”

Text messages show Sells asking for “an exchange of value” for his work, writing “I’m a man. Have a feeling you know how we operate.”

Blau maintains those texts are not criminal.

He said, “I’ve looked at those and I don’t see anything. I definitely don’t see anything illegal.”

Blau also questions the motivation behind the victim pursuing the allegations against a doctor with a previously clean record.

“The alleged victim basically made a citizens arrest. This isn’t Mayberry. It makes me wonder what she was doing and what she was thinking,” said Blau.

Blau says he doesn’t want Sells to talk about the case until they know whether or not the district attorney plans to file formal charges.