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Snow, blowing winds and sub-zero wind chills make for a white, but really frigid Christmas

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STATEWIDE — Christmas arrived with a bang this morning with ice and freezing rain. Not soon after, the snow started but that was only half the story. The winds and the wind chills were so cold, going outside to admire our white Christmas was quite the experience.

While gifts are busy being unwrapped and family fellowship was in full swing, the 4Warn Storm Team was following the latest weather conditions around the state. Sleet and precipitation have ceased quite a bit in the metro area as of late this morning, but the snow is still coming – we’re still looking at a decreased total of 1″ to 2″ of snow in the metro OKC area, with the southern part of the state receiving about 4″ to 8″ of snowfall today.

The icy conditions were responsible for a 21-car pileup and even walking in many residential areas could be extremely treacherous. The blowing wind, loose snow and sub-zero wind chills may have made for a white Christmas, but a very dangerous and cold one – not a serene blanket of snow this time around.

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The ice and sleet that began early this morning will be in full swing throughout much of the morning, changing to snow by later in the morning today. That snow should be tapering off later this afternoon. Until then, travel anywhere in Oklahoma is highly discouraged. The ice, snow, wind and associated conditions are making travel dangerous today. So, avoid all travel if possible.

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