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OKLAHOMA CITY-- An Oklahoma City neighborhood fighting the addition of a proposed apartment complex to their neighborhood.

The land currently houses a school no longer used by Oklahoma City Public School District.

While the neighbors agree something needs to be done with the property, they disagree on what should go there.

Carol Tims, who started a petition to fight the rezoning, said, "We don't want it. We want to keep our neighborhood for our children and our elderly people."

Tims, her neighbor Shila and numerous others in their northwest Oklahoma City community are fighting to keep apartments out of their neighborhood.

The old John Marshall High School has been up for sale for a while.

The proposed buyer wants to built brownstones and apartments on this land.

Shila Wilson, one of Carol's neighbors, said, "If this happens it just won't feel like a safe environment any more."

Tims started a petition to stop the rezoning of the land.

Tims said, "I'd rather look at the eyesore than have apartments over there and have theft and drugs brought in to our nice little neighborhood."

Wilson said, "They could do so many things with that. This could be an opportunity for small businesses, a playground for children, maybe a community center."

A few days ago, a fire burned part of the school, just one of many problems in recent years.

Tims said, "The school is a problem, yes."

These ladies admit something needs to be done to this old building.

They just want any change to be something the neighbors can stand behind.

Tims said, "I would even go for homes being built over there, but not apartments.Eventually, they will be like every other apartment in the area."

We're told there are some neighbors supporting the apartments; however, none of them were home when our crew stopped by.

We tried to contact the company who is requesting the rezoning, due to the holiday their office was closed.

Tims only has until noon on Friday to get as many signatures as she can.

If you would like to sign the petition you can send your name and opinion through e-mail to Carol Tims and Shila Wilson at villagepetition@gmail.comĀ