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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- Midwest City police are investigating a string of vandalism incidents after dozens of car windows were shot out.

They all happened between Sunday and Tuesday on the city's southeast side by someone using a pellet gun.

All of the vehicles were empty and parked in driveways or on the street.

All, except for one.

David Perry's 17 year old daughter was sitting in her car, parked in the street, waiting for her friend to come out of her house.

That's when her driver's side window suddenly shattered.

"She saw the vehicle coming to the side of her and she just happened to look and suddenly the loud noise and the shattering of the window," said Perry.

Perry says the window tint kept the glass from shattering all over his daughter.

"To say it bothered me was an understatment. It just everything, just kind of rush of emotions and what could have been," he said.

Anthony Cavers' daughter's car was also targeted as it was parked on the street in front of their home.

"Very upset, very upset, simply because it's my daughter's vehicle. And me, as a father, I take it personal," said Cavers.

Police say after receiving several tips, they were able to determine two juveniles were responsible for the crimes.

They tracked one of them down Tuesday night and they say he admitted to his part in the vandalism.

But police also say the charges could be more serious than simple vandalism.

"Things changed when they pointed the gun towards the young lady, that obviously changes things," said Major Bob Cornelison with the Midwest City police department.

Pointing a firearm at another person can be a felony.

Police will be interviewing the juveniles to determine the appropriate charges to file.