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Girl survives fall through ice in pond

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NORMAN, Okla. - An 11-year-old girl was pulled from an icy pond in Norman Saturday afternoon, just minutes before, experts say, her body would have shut down.

Officials said the girl was playing with friends at Norman's Northeast Lions Park around 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

She tried to walk across the pond when she fell through the ice before reaching the halfway point.

A crew with the Norman Fire Department threw the girl a rope from a pier and eventually pulled her to safety.

Officials said her body temperature had dropped about four degrees after being in the water about 15 minutes, the beginning stages of hypothermia.

The girl said she couldn't feel her legs.

"The water was cold. It was a cold day and there was no way to get her warm until we got her into the back of the truck where the heater was on," EMSStat Paramedic Desirae Caride said.

Caride and fellow paramedic Brooks Farmer immediately covered up the girl with blankets after she was pulled from the icy water and transported her to Norman Regional Hospital.

"One of the things that happens after you become so cold for so long, you don't recognize that your body is cold anymore," Farmer said. "You'll actually get a sense of warmth."

Norman Fire Cpt. Jack Ingram said ,"She had a strong will to survive; she was able to talk to us (from the water)."

The girl's parents did not want to talk on camera but the girl's mother said they were very grateful for the first responders who worked quickly to save her daughter's life.

The girl's father said she's back to normal now with no lingering health problems from the icy water.

Ingram said ice should be at least four inches thick before it's safe to walk on.