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NORMAN, Okla. - Starting Monday Interstate 35 at Main St. will be getting a complete make over to cut down on traffic congestion.

However, the traffic could get worse as construction begins.

Retha Baccus battles traffic getting on and off I-35 from Main St. daily as she travels to work.

"It's actually very hard over the bridge at times with people coming on. There's just a lot of backed up traffic," said Baccus.

 Oklahoma Department of Transportation's $35 million project aims to stop the congestion with a single point interchange.

Main St. bridge will be wider with a single traffic light. The on and off ramps will be longer, and the interstate will be six lanes a half a mile before and after the exit.

 The construction will last just under two years, and lanes will be shut down in phases.

Drivers dread congestion brought on by construction in the college town.

"We needed it five years ago, but two years is a long time. It'll be tough for two years," said Neil Vickers.

Drivers will take Robinson and Lindsey St. detours while Main St. ramps are closed. For some, that means more gas milage.

"That will be money they will be spending on gas and not other things into the economy," said Les White.

Southbound I-35 ramp to Main and Northbound I-35 ramp from Main will be open late June in time for football season traffic.

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