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Neighbors try to clean up after explosion

OKLAHOMA CITY – In the walls of Troy White’s home, a new definition to the word “OK.”

This home still stands, while the next door neighbor’s does not, after a natural gas explosion rocked the street on Thursday.

For White’s family, the harsh light of day shows the damage all through the home; no room was spared.

“We’re just lucky because I didn’t dream it was all this messed up,” said Troy.

He said cracks split the house off it’s foundation, huge support beams fell down and insulation melted.

Everywhere this family looks, they find new damage.

Friday, inspectors, investigators and insurance adjusters tried to make sense of a host of problems like this one.

“We’re going to have to get a structural engineer in here to check it out and make sure it’s sound,” David Lane said of his family’s home, also heavily damaged. “A lot of glass, a lot of cleanup. It’s going to be a while before things get back to normal.”


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