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Electrical problem starts house fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY — An evening fire has one family picking up the pieces, trying to salvage what they can. The metro has had dozens of fires recently but this one can serve as a new warning to homeowners.

Bob Moore Chopper 4 flew over the smoke on NW 34th Street capturing Carol Foster-Smith and her family huddled on the sidewalk. They prayed for firefighters to stop the inferno. Officials say the blaze started because of an electrical problem in the attic. The homeowner noticed flickering lights at times but didn’t know what to make of them.

“We turned the circuit breaker on and off and were trying to figure out what was going,” Foster-Smith said. “Then we heard something pop, we didn’t see any sparks or anything but five minutes later the attic was engulfed in flames.”

The fire was mostly contained to the attic but other rooms sustained smoke and water damage. Initial reports estimate about $20,000 worth of damage.

Officials say there are ways to tell if you might have an electrical issue: sparks from an outlet, flickering lights, discolored walls and outlets that are warm to touch.

There are no reported injuries.