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Help may be on the way for Hurricane Sandy victims

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OCEANSIDE, N.J. — Help is one step closer for hundreds of thousands of Americans hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Tuesday afternoon, the House of Representatives moved forward with a bill that could provide nearly $51 billion in federal aid to storm victims.

Rep. Joe Crowley, (D) New York, said, “Congress will stand today to do what we ought to have done at least two months ago.”

The Senate will still have to approve the House’s final version, which has many storm victims frustrated after waiting two months for some relief.

Some lawmakers used complaints about excessive federal spending to delay any action.

Rep. Michael Grimm, (R) New York, said, “There is no question we have a tremendous spending problem. We have to get our fiscal house in order but to pick that fight during a natural disaster just is not smart politics.”

The previous Congress has already approved nearly $10 billion to help Sandy victims but the House failed to pass a larger aid package because Speaker John Boehner prevented the vote following the fiscal cliff negotiations.