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NEW YORK—A scene that could have been from a movie played out on the streets of New York City as a group of police officers joined together to save a life.

New York’s finest worked together to lift a car off of a teenager who was trapped underneath.

A taxi hit a 19-year-old early Sunday morning, pinning him underneath the car.

Dozens of officers jumped into action, lifting the yellow cab off of the victim.

Enrique Elias said, “You could hear the guttural coming out. The scream, it’s like ‘Roaarrr,’ and they lifted it up and moved it off of him.”

Before the accident even happened, a few of the officers tried to stop the teen from running into oncoming traffic in the first place.

Once the accident happened, officer after officer from the 40th Precinct swarmed onto the scene, grabbing a piece of the taxi, lifting it up and dragging it inch by inch off the victim.

Elias said, “That, I’ve never seen and I’ve gotta tell you, that honestly makes me proud to be a New Yorker.”

The 19-year-old victim was rushed to an area hospital where a spokesperson said he underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition.

The taxi driver isn’t facing any charges.