Escaped grizzly cub eludes Florida officers

Grizzly eludes officers

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES, FL. (CNN) – Hey Boo-Boo! Florida Fish and Wildlife is looking for you! The search is on for a missing grizzly bear cub who just happens to be named “Boo-Boo.”

Florida wildlife officials are on the hunt for an escaped grizzly bear cub.

The 125-pound, two-year-old cub, named Boo-Boo, ran away from a traveling bear exhibit based out of Florida.

He was last seen on Tuesday.

People living in the area have been told to not approach Boo-Boo if they see him.

Mitts Mravic with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said, “If he hears a loud noise, there are concerns he may bed down a little bit further and we may not see him. So we’re going to spread out a little further, add traps possibly for the night, some game cameras.”

The facility was recently cited for not having a proper fence for an alligator.

Boo-Boo leaves behind a brother back at the exhibit named, Yogi.