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OKLAHOMA CITY—A child is rushed to the hospital after being shot at a local apartment complex.

Police raced to the Sooner Haven Apartments after receiving word that an 11-year-old boy had been shot.

 Lt. Rob Congilione, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, “We were dispatched to the Sooner Haven apartment complex at N.E. 36th and Prospect in reference to a shooting and when we got here, we found an 11-year-old shooting victim who had been shot once.”

Investigators say after Alberto Stevenson was hit, he ran to a nearby apartment to ask for help.

A neighbor who saw the sixth grader being taken to the hospital says he was shot in his right side.

Lt. Coniglione said, “His mom was here. His mom’s aware of what’s going on. I believe she’s with him at the hospital now.”

For fear of gang retaliation, residents did not want to speak on camera.

However, they say this is not the first time a shooting has hit their neighborhood.

Many say they remember at least eight other shootings, some of them fatal.

Police went door-to-door, trying to find out exactly what happened this time but witnesses were not willing to point the finger.

He said, “It’s best to say that we’ve not been able to find anybody willing to tell us what happened.”

The 11-year-old boy is in stable condition.

If you have any information on the shooting, you are asked to call the police.