Week in Pictures from Bob Moore Chopper 4

Posted on: 12:41 pm, January 21, 2013, by , updated on: 12:46pm, January 21, 2013

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  • Dam at Lake Overholser.

  • North end of Overholser as it feeds into Hefner.

  • South end of Hefner

  • North end of the Lake Hefner Country Club.

  • Mouth of Hefner as it comes from Overholser.

  • Terrible house fire South of Lake Arcadia. Everybody made it out Safe.

  • The fire has completely destroyed the east side of the house at this point.

  • East side of the house looking south.

  • This is a still shot of the explosion if you look close you can see the white can flying in the air.

  • At this time the fire has been going only about 30 min.

  • East side of the house looking west.

  • About 15 min into the fire.

  • Stolen vehicle which lead to the police chase. All suspects were caught.

  • Air One in flight searching for one suspect.

  • A bystanders vehicle which was rear-ended leading to the stolen vehicle crashing into the tree.

Last week was busy week for me.  

I went to The Bell Helicopter Training Academy for my yearly refresher on Monday and Tuesday and had a blast. 

I experienced Thunder snow for the first time as it woke me up Tuesday morning and I’m glad that the Metroplex doesn’t get much snow. 

It was a grueling 12-mile drive which took me more than an hour and half but the positive side was that everybody was being slow and safe. 

As for the rest of the week it was pretty busy too. 

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