Bill filed to allow medical marijuana use in Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A state lawmaker wants Oklahoma to join 18 other states and allow certain medical patients to use marijuana.

“Medical marijuana has been shown to ease pain, to lighten symptoms,” Sen. Constance Johnson (D-Dist. 48) said Wednesday afternoon.

She has filed Senate Bill 902 to establish a medical marijuana program.

With a doctor’s approval, patients with debilitating medical conditions could use marijuana without fear of criminal prosecution.

She has also filed Senate Bill 914, which changes the maximum penalty for possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana.

Currently, the maximum penalty is a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

The new maximum penalty would be 10 days in jail and a $200 fine.

Johnson said, “Why are we allowing something as non-addictive as marijuana to be a reason to lock people up?”

Windsor Hills Baptist Church Pastor Tom Vineyard opposes the bills, saying marijuana is a gateway drug.

He said over 99 percent of cocaine users admitted they started with a drug like marijuana.

“At some point the marijuana will stop working and they’ll have to move on to something else,” he said.

Vineyard, who’s been a drug counselor, believes modern science is the answer for pain management.

He said reducing a sentence to 10 days will only encourage more drug use.

“Then we’ll see more people involved in accidents with it,” Vineyard said.  “More people injured. More people killed in automobile accidents and so forth.”

“Once they use (marijuana), they probably get sleepy, go somewhere and eat and sit down and they are non-violent offenders,” Johnson said.  “No one has ever died or had an overdose using marijuana.”

At least 10 more states are expected to consider similar legislation this year.

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  • [...] What's funnier is people actually getting excited about it and arguing the benefits, thinking there is a chance in Oklahoma. I used to smoke it and I am a Republican. However, the fallacy in your logic is saying that it is less harmful than any other drug you abuse. Smoking anything causes lung disease and lung cancer. Marijuana is not the exception. No matter what 420 magazine or the 19 stoner kid on your block tells you. And the vaporizers are also a sham Every stoner I knew that got one used it for a couple months and realized it sucked. Right back to combustion. No one eats edibles on a regular basis either. Are the penalties too harsh for those who get caught using it? Yes. Is it just as damaging as any other drug people abuse? Yes And trust me, I've been in the culture…there is really no such thing as an "occasional" smoker surrounding the medical marijuana scene. "I am allowed to possess up to an ounce, but I only smoke it once every six months. " Yeah right. The other funny aspect about this thread is how people who are completely healthy are getting excited about "medical" use. Which is supposed to be for people suffering from serious issues like chemo and aids complications. Thus demonstrating how ridiculous the pro medical pot crowd really is. The doctor in this video said it perfectly when he called it a joke. A insult to the medical community. Your local stoner is not a doctor or a scientist, and really has no idea how these chemicals affect the body. Bill filed to allow medical marijuana use in Oklahoma | [...]

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