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‘Ice Shoves’ Threaten Homes

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CALUMET, WI — People living along Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago are dealing with heavy damage from ice shoves. In Calumet, the shoves are inching dangerously close to homes and have taken over boat docks and front yards — an unusual sight for January.

The ice shoves are pretty impressive, some about 12 feet tall. One took out an entire boat hoist. People who’ve been living along Lake Winnebago their whole lives say they’ve never seen anything quite like it.

“It’s a sight to see,” said Bob Evjen.

The ice creeps dangerously close to Bob Evjen’s home, within just a few feet. And everything he had in his front yard has been swept away by the wind and cold.

“I’m sure the aluminum boat is crushed the light pole is down, pier standards,” said Evjen.

But the house, part of his family for three generations, is untouched.

“I guess I could say I was very lucky,” said Evjen.

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