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Man saves family from massive apartment blaze

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SONOMA COUNTY, Calif.—A young man is credited with saving the lives of five people, including two children, from an apartment fire.

Authorities say 23-year-old Trevor Kasimoff looked out his window and noticed a neighbor’s house engulfed in flames.

He ran out his back door and saw people trapped on the second floor.

From the apartment window, Trevor was able to catch two young children who were tossed to him by their mother, who was still trapped in the inferno.

Kasimoff said, “She drops, it was a boy first and then a girl, maybe two years apart, and then as soon as I look up, she’s already climbing out the window to jump herself.”

As the family got to safety, there were still others stuck inside another apartment.

He said, “They were screaming at me for help and they said, ‘put up the ladder, put up the ladder.’ And I’m looking around me and right behind me on the ground is a 20-foot ladder.”

The ladder had accidentally been left by maintenance workers.

Fortunately, other adults were able to use it to climb to safety.

The fire ravaged the entire building and destroyed several cares.

Firefighters say he likely saved lives by his quick thinking.

Kasimoff said, “I don’t feel like what I did was heroic because I did what had to be done at the time.”

One woman was treated for a broken ankle and one child was treated for smoke inhalation.

The cause of the fire is now under investigation.