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RICHMOND, Mo. - Authorities have arrested a Missouri man accused of attacking his mother with a sledge hammer. 

According to our Missouri sister station, WDAF, 21-year-old Michael Scott James Dorton told police he wasn't sure what caused his mother's injuries. 

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His mother, 39-year-old Stephanie Ann Bryant, is recovering from a "depressed skull fracture" and is in fair condition. 

Court documents state Dorton called his girlfriend after the assault.

The document states Dorton told her, “I hit her in the head with a sledge hammer,” referring to Bryant.

Dorton told his girlfriend on the phone that he tried to kill Bryant because they had been fighting about her not wanting his girlfriend over at the house, according to court documents. 

Originally police said they considered a pet monkey found in the home could be responsible for the assault but quickly ruled out the animal as a suspect. 

Dorton, who has previous arrests for assault, is being held on $750,000 cash-only bond. 

Authorities said he has since confessed to the attack.