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OKLAHOMA CITY - There is a new way to take the "scary" out of hospital visits for kids. 

Going to the hospital can be nerve-wracking enough for adults, let alone our little ones. 

Now the Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center has come up with a unique, innovative way to calm fears. 

It’s a new interactive imaging suite for children undergoing fluoroscopy procedures. 

What was once a frightening hospital exam room with scary high-tech equipment can be transformed into an animated sea adventure or a trip to a faraway land, whatever the kids or their parents choose.

The mobile Vecta machine is also part of the new experience.

They can be rolled into a typical exam room to keep the kids still and focused on something other than the doctor or shots.  

All this it's not just for the little ones, teens too can ease their fears by the new experience ambient experience. 

Of course the whole idea is to ease the minds of the young patients so they can make choices, feel more in control, relax and stay still.

The fluoroscopy suite is the first of its kind in the nation. 

They say, so far, it's working out very well.