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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Homeless Alliance is working to put Oklahoma City's most vulnerable homeless in their very own homes. It's part of a national campaign to house 100,000 homeless.

Volunteers collected homeless people's information all week, and Friday they announced the results.

They hit the streets at 4:00 in the morning for days looking for people with a medical condi tion who have been homeless more than a year. Those are the one who will get homes.

Their faces flashed on a projector screen while homeless alliance announced survey findings.

190 people met the criteria for a home. The Homeless Alliance will put seven of those in
houses every month for the next  four years.

70 of those are veterans and will get veteran housing. Others will
get Housing and Urban Development vouchers.

 Organizations around the city will provide them with mental health
and services crucial to keeping them housed.

"In this new model, the house comes first and stability comes as we work with you," said Homeless Alliance Director Dan Straughan.

Surveyers say care they will get at home will save Oklahoma City taxpayers $14
million a year.

"In the last three months, there were 113 ER visits and 143
hospital visits, and just right there that's probably $3 million," said Straughan.

While getting a new home seems like a dream to homeless, giving it is like a dream to workers like Jennifer Thurman.

"For once, we're like, 'Wow, that guy who's been homeless 20
years can actually get into a house and stay in a house."

If you would like to help, you can donate household cleaning items
to the Homeless Alliance at 1724 NW 4th St.