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Potential scammer victim speaks out

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EDMOND, OK – A lot of people come into the N-Style Fashion Exchange in Edmond during the week, but few stand out to owner Dave Wilkins as much as Nicholas Heskett.

“You know, he was practicing, like marching, practicing his moves and whatnot out side and then he came in and approached me and friend and introduced himself, you know, stood at attention, real militaristic,” said Wilkins.

Dave says Heskett asked him for money for wounded warriors and care packages for troops.

“I thought, well, this kid’s kind of different because he was wearing his woodland camos with his desert boots, and that seemed out of place,” said Wilkins.

Dave served active duty himself, so he says it was obvious to him that Heskett was out of uniform. But, that wasn’t obvious to everyone.

“My friend was up here with me and he was like hey, give him some money you know, maybe it’s legit or maybe he needs money,” said Wilkins.

As we told you earlier this week, Logan county deputies say Heskett pocketed the dollars he collected. Authorities speculate he may be trolling the area to support his drug habit.

“He’s absolutely using his uniform and public sympathy to soldiers to gain access to their money,” said Richard Stevens with the Logan County Sheriffs Department.

Back at N-Style, Dave as the same sentiment, and keep observation.
 “With his uniform and his boots not matching, that would be like walking outside without your headgear on. That’s just something you don’t do in the army,” said Wilkins.