Okla. seat belt crack down begins Friday

Posted on: 11:07 am, January 29, 2013, by and , updated on: 11:52am, January 29, 2013

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Starting Friday, officers will be out in full force in their latest crackdown, seat belts. 

Motorists should be buckling up already but this “Get Your ‘Clicks’ on Route 66” 2013 campaign adds even more of an incentive. 

Oklahoma is just one of eight states taking part in the 24-hour seat belt crackdown starting Feb. 1.

OHP Lt. Ben Crockett said, “Seat belts and child car seats are the best way to protect you and your family members in the event of a crash.”

The Route 66 enforcement effort began in 2010 with a handful of law enforcement agencies in central Oklahoma.

Highway Patrol Troopers and State Police Officers from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois now join with Oklahoma in this quarterly crackdown focusing on seat belt laws along the famed “Mother Road.”

“During the Route 66 crackdown, we’re out there to remind people that using a seat belt is not only a smart decision, it’s the law,” Crockett said.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 13,000 lives are saved across the country every year by seat belts and child restraints, and motorists are 75 percent less likely to be killed in rollover crashes if they are buckled up.

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  • [...] I know many things, because I’m an adult and a functioning human being, and I’m making my way in the world just fine. Basically, my existence is like the theme songs from The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Laverne and Shirley mashed up and mixed. But that’s what adult life is like for women. But there are some, apparently, that don’t have the same ease and way with life. Those are the sort of people who have to be reminded to wear a seat belt. Yep, that’s right. There are still people in this world that don’t wear a seat belt. And they should, if not to save their lives, but because OHP is cracking down. According to KFOR.com: [...]

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