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NICOMA PARK, Okla. - Last Thursday we introduced you to Larry Terry, a Nicoma Park man who found an old OU class ring buried in the door of a car he was working on.

He spent months trying to search out the owner with no success, so last week he called us.

Within 24 hours of our story Larry was able to reunite the ring with its owner. 

It was you, our viewers, who helped the ring find its way home. 

Garry Stotts, an OU grad, misplaced his ring back in 2002 while working on the door of, what else, his VW bus.

After the story aired, Garry was bombarded with calls. 

Sure enough it was his, so Friday Garry met up with Larry and it turns out, they had met before. 

As for the ring, it's in perfect condition. 

More than a decade later, a reunion of sorts thanks to Larry who never gave up.