Unlikely groups join forces to support privacy bills

Posted on: 4:14 pm, February 5, 2013, by and , updated on: 04:59pm, February 5, 2013

Drone privacy rights

OKLAHOMA CITY – Some unlikely groups have joined forces to push three privacy rights bills.

The Oklahoma Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union along with Rep. Paul Wesselhoft held a joint press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday to explain the three bills aimed at protecting the privacy rights of Oklahomans.

House Bill 1559: The first bill would prohibit the Department of Public Safety from installing RFID radio frequency identification in a driver’s license.

House Bill 1557: Another bill would require law enforcement, absent an emergency, to first obtain a warrant before they access the geo-location data stored by a cell phone.

House Bill 1556: Finally, the third bill would limit the ability of law enforcement to use drones for surveillance without a warrant. 

Supporters said the goal of the three pieces of legislation is to ensure that the people of Oklahoma enjoy the benefits of the emerging technology without inching towards a surveillance society.


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