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OKLAHOMA CITY - Todd Long has no military special forces training but his father was a game warden and MP in the US Army.

Long himself, spent a half-dozen years living on the streets.

He said the homeless are the most hard-core survivalists out there.

"One of the things I preach is being prepared," he said.

Todd is a McGyver of sorts, capable of turning almost anything into something useful.

Now he's offering his unique skills in an urban survival course.

He'll help you find and build shelter, forage, trap and hunt for food using unconventional weapons and move safely and stealthfully through an unfriendly urban environment.

Todd acknowledges the world will not likely come to a screeching halt tomorrow.

But he said we should all be alert and prepared for what may be around the apocalyptic corner.

"Sometimes the only apocalypse is a personal one," Todd said. "You lose your job. You lose your house and for whatever reason you find yourself on the street."
Todd said his $50 course gives students invaluable skills to survive, thrive and overcome any of life's obstacles.

Todd said he's had lots of interest in his 6-hour, hands-on class, but so so far, no takers.

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